To connect to Brusafe+ you will need to make use of the IHE XDS standard transactions and profiles. These profiles are described on these pages. The IHE XDS standard is very well documented by IHE. It is beyond the scope of this documentation to describe the standard as thoroughly as IHE has done. Please make use of Abrumets own IHE Gazelle tool with the necessary documentation when you need more information : 

There is a SoapUI project available containing the necessary endpoints and example messages. It's ready to use, except that you need to configure your private key that corresponds to your public certificate (see checklist below) and you'll need a SAML assertion to make use of endpoints that are using XUA. The SAML assertion can be derived from the Portal.

Link to Brusafe+ SoapUI project: Brusafe+ soapui

For a quick start you can make use of the quick checklist here below.

Quick checklist

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